Blood on the Cowley Road




Blood on the Cowley Road (Robert Hale Ltd: 2008, hardback; 2011, e-book)

An art student on-the-make sets up a ‘suicide’ plaque, and within hours Sarah Johnson has plunged to her death from the top of the multi-storey car-park, right in front of his prying camera. Sarah turns out to have a history of mental ill-health, so to D I Susan Holden it looks like a straight(ish) forward case of suicide, but when the last person whom Sarah rang turns up dead in the River Isis, Holden’s preconceptions are thrown into disorder, as she and her colleagues are plunged into a race against time.

Set firmly in the side-streets Oxford, from Cowley Road to the Kassam football stadium, from riverside pubs to a mental health day-centre, Blood on the Cowley Road builds to a startling climax.


Praise for Blood in the Cowley Road:  

Michael Harrison, lecturer on Oxford Murder course: "superior detective story with good local colour."
Chris Williams, Oxford United F.C: "Peter's novel is a fantastic read. It's refreshing to read an Oxford book which tells a gripping story from the Town point of view."
Andy Saxton, Perth, Australia: "I have to tell you I thought it was an absolutely marvelous read from start to finish!"
Susan Green, Burnley: "Right up there with the very best"
Margaret Skinner, Edinburgh: "I am really enjoying your book, what a wonderful writer you are, I can visualise myself walking through the book with you as you tell the story … highly recommend your book."

Jen Pawsey, Daily Information: "Most of the action takes place around Grandpont, Iffley village, Kassam Stadium and the High, and it's so well-rooted in this location that I couldn't quite believe the site of some of the most critical action didn't really exist. Blood on the Cowley Road takes its place neatly in the canon of detective fiction, and I look forward to the sequels, that is if there are any residents left in East Oxford."

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