Blood in Grandpont




Blood in Grandpont (Robert Hale Ltd: 2010, hardback; Ulverscroft: 2011, softcover large print)

When a woman is stabbed to death in an Oxford car park, a revealing photograph on her mobile points towards a crime of sexual passion or revenge. But as D I Holden and her team investigate, other possibilities rise to the surface. And then too another body is found, in the Guardian-reading, Labour-voting area of Oxford known as Grandpont. As the clues and complications pile up in Holden's professional and personal life, finding the killer becomes more than a matter of life and death.


Praise for Blood in Grandpont  

Maggie Hartford, Oxford Times: "Peter's novel is a fantastic read. It's refreshing to read an Oxford book which tells a gripping story from the Town point of view."

"Enough cliff-hangers to keep the reader turning the pages as the bodies pile up … He has a wonderful gift of creating geographically factual settings for his fictional characters"

"A perfect gift for someone who enjoys traditional detective stories and knows and loves the non-university side of Oxford."

Oxford Today "Deliciously thrilling and wildly unpredictable murder mystery firmly rooted on the streets of Oxford."

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Peter has lived and worked in Oxford for nearly 30 years, and before that he was a University student, reading classics at Keble College.

Peter is a member of the Crime Writer's Association