Blood on the Marsh




Blood on the Marsh (Robert Hale Ltd: 2012)

When an old woman dies in a care home, it should be a gentle return to duty for DI Holden. But the evidence of drugs misuse suggests otherwise and, as Holden investigates, cracks appear in the emotional fabric of Sunnymede Care Home. As staff, doctors, and family fall under the glare of investigation, Holden finds her own stress levels rising, and then another death follows, this time unequivocally murder. In this, the third of Peter Tickler's Blood in Oxford series, Holden and her team find themselves racing to prevent further bloodshed as a killer runs amok in the grimy setting of Oxford's back streets.

The seeds for Blood on the Marsh were sown on the first evening of December 2009, as the opening lines of chapter one demonstrate.

It is Tuesday 1st December in the year 2009, about 8.50 in the evening. Oxford United are losing at Crawley, and our main rivals Stevenage Borough are beating Ebbsfleet, and my world is falling apart. And my mobile is ringing. S H I T!
I ignore it at first, turning up the radio in the hope that this will somehow shut the caller up, and that whoever it is will get the idea and go away. But it refuses to stop. So I pick it up to see who it is. It's Mum! What is she doing ringing me now, today, at this time? She knows I'll be listening to the football. I saw her on Sunday, and I'll see her tomorrow, like I always do on Wednesdays. So why the hell is she ringing me now?

Mystery World: 'For all you lovers of the "whodunit", this is a must read... A well-rounded, cleverly plotted mystery, set in that capital of crime - Oxford.'  

Oxford United Matchday Programme describes it as 'a whodunit in the best traditions of the genre ... You will drive yourself to distraction trying to work out the perpetrator ... Tickler has grown as a writer throughout the trilogy, and this latest offering is mature, thought-provoking and highly recommended.' The full review is HERE.  

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