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Watching Football and Writing Crime


What is the connection between watching Oxford United, writing crime fiction and porridge? Check out my article in the Oxford United programme (vs Morecambe, 29 March 2013) and see if you can relate to it!


Crime Writing, Oxford United and Porridge





Q. Where do plots come from?

A. Lots of places, but in the case of Blood on the Cowley Road, once place was an art project conducted by Peter's son Oswin.

"Inspiration for Murder - sort of!"


An Interview - 2009

In this frank interview, Peter tells Eleanor Broughton why he likes to write about the back streets of Oxford and sudden death, and the conflicting needs of reality and entertainment. Is he a gruesome, grisly writer? Read on!

"It's quite fun to write about a death"

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"I am writing to thank you for giving your time to Wantage library on Saturday. The response from the staff who worked on the day has been full of praise for you; the visitors who attended have given us fantastic feedback and others who were in the library apparently made a point of staying longer and listening in!"


Photo courtesy the Oxford Mail & Oxford Times © 2008


Photo courtesy the Oxford Mail and
Oxford Times © 2008