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Blood on the Marsh (2012)


Blood in Grandpont (2010)

Blood on the Cowley Road (2008)


Non fiction


The Modern Mercenary: Dog of War or Soldier or Honour (1987)

Based on the personal testimony of individual mercenaries, this account of some of the key mercenary wars and escapades of the twentieth century lifts the lid on the motivation and methods of the men who fought in them. A major book club selection both sides of the Atlantic.

Peter was a contributer to the Oxford Encyclopedia: World History From Earliest Times to 1800 (OUP, 1988) and to Working in Ski Resorts by Victoria Pybus (Vacation Work, 1993).



Bible Tales

For several years, Peter's monologues by Biblical characters were a familiar part of BBC Radio Oxford's Sunday morning show. The first one he wrote, "A Donkey's Tale", was broadcast on three successive Christmases.

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Blood on the Marsh

Blood in Grandpont

Blood on the Cowley Road

The Modern Mercenary


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Peter has lived and worked in Oxford for nearly 30 years, and before that he was a University student, reading classics at Keble College.

Peter is a member of the Crime Writer's Association


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