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STOP PRESS: My next public event is in Wendover Public Library on Thursday 27 April. I shall be sharing the evening with two other writers. Further details shortly! Or email the library here: lib-wen@buckscc.gov.uk

Check out this video: Peter talks about how The Girl Who Stole the Apple came into existence.
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Peter's 2015 crime novel Dead in the Water is also available as both a paperback and an e-book, published by Joffe Books.
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Do you love or hate Amazon? Check out Peter's blog for his trenchant response to Lee Child and his sortie into the world of film making. His short film Wrong Number received its London premier at the 2015 Portobello film festival. One of the highlights of Peter's year will be the release of a short film scripted and directed by him (Wrong Number). It stars a very well known member of the Midsomer Murders cast (not saying who - yet!) and will be released this summer. He has also delivered a new crime novel to a publisher.



One of Peter's scripts has already been released. A Place for Everything was filmed in Shenzhen in China and released to coincode with Halloween. Click HERE to see it - if you dare!


Incidentally, all of Peter's Blood in Oxford books are now available as e-books priced less than £3.00.


Peter loves talking to and listening to his readers (and potential readers). He has spoken in all sorts of places, including a castle and a prison, so why not invite him along to your favourite organisation or your bookgroup. Email him at petertickler@btinternet.com. If you want to find out a bit more about Peter, why not watch the video (below) or read through his interview by Morgen Bailey. Click HERE to read it

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"I am writing to thank you for giving your time to Wantage library on Saturday. The response from the staff who worked on the day has been full of praise for you; the visitors who attended have given us fantastic feedback and others who were in the library apparently made a point of staying longer and listening in!"